20 11 2010

Blogging is sharing voices with other people. Bloggers have blog pages because they want to motivate or influence others, stay in touch with family and friends, meet new people, document ideas and events, and entertain. Most of the bloggers are young people under age of 30 (Lenhart & Fox, 2006). Bloggers also follow diverse sources of information such as online/offline newspapers, other blog pages, podcasts and vidcasts. However, they prefer reading and watching news online because these resources are more convenient, have various viewpoints and in-depth information. I think bloggers are the modern people of this decade because they like to create and share what they make. Primary motivations for bloggers are to reflect what they personally experience and to record them.  In addition to writing their personal experiences, bloggers like to write about entertaining topics, sports, politics, and general news (Lenhart & Fox, 2006). Bloggers mainly inspired to write about events they are influenced. Bloggers are also influenced from other bloggers though discussions and postings.

As a reflection, blogging is an opportunity to learn from others, have community of knowledge and create new meanings. Also, reading and writing blogs motivate us to write more and improve our writing skills. Conversations through blogs have the opportunity to speak up freely. To use blogs for our classes, we should first encourage our students to read blogs they are interested, and to comment on these blog pages. At the end, I am sure they will start writing blogs themselves.

Reference: Lenhart, Amanda, & Fox, Susannah (2006, July 19). Bloggers: Portrait of America’s new storytellers. Washington, DC: Pew Internet & American Life Report. Retrieved on June25, 2010, from:




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