Digital Literacy

10 09 2010

When I was a teacher in my country, there were some non-literate students in my school in 4th and 5th grade. Teachers were challenging to teach them how to read and write because they should be able to read and write when they were in 2nd grade.  Time and roles are changed and today being literate means new additional skills.  Children are now teaching how to use internet and what it means to “google.”

Learning no more depends on teacher’s knowledge. Education is no more a way to form a society according to power’s beliefs. “We all learn!”and we all find our own truths from the open world. We, educators, should expect everybody to have skills such as ability to use internet, learn from open world and solve their own problems.

We have a new global language now.




One response

18 09 2010

I think that even though this week’s post was kind of concise it does condenses the most important idea about what being literate in the 21st century means. I guess the post could have been enriched by commenting about a few opposing point of views such as Carr’s comments about the Internet making people dumber instead of brighter.

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