The World is Open with Web Technology

3 09 2010

21st century provides us very intelligent innovations for our daily life. As educators, we cannot overlook the changes surrounding us. The opportunities are there and waiting for us to use in our schools; however, the question is: Are we competent to use them? The new young “google generation” is learning everything with internet, and they are very fast learners. They are creating their own learning experiences with the use of technology both formal and informal (National Educational Technology Plan, 2010). There is a clear gap between teachers’ and students’ use of technology these days. In order to fill this crack, educational organizations are developing plans to promote the use of digital tools and to improve teachers’ skills. The plans are generally emphasizing creating a common framework and language for understanding 21st century skills in order to deal with the fast change in our lives.

The rapid changes of our environment generate a new way of what and how people need to know. The skills for the 21st century are defined again. In addition to the content knowledge, the global economy is asking for “a generation of young people who are capable of navigating an interdependent world and collaborating across borders and cultures to address today’s great problems.” (National Educational Technology Plan, 2010).

Even though the challenges we encounter today, the main question is: What should learning in the 21st century look like? If we can answer this question, we can form the future of our children’s education.

Reference: Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology. (2010, March 5). Draft: National Educational Technology Plan 2010. Office of Educational Technology, U.S. Department of Education




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1 09 2010

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18 09 2010

Great post! The references provided are right on target supporting your comments. I agree with you that the most important is not using the most current technologies but to know how to use them in the most competent way.
However, I’m not so sure about your comment regarding the new generation being “fast learners”. I guess they might learn how to use computer applications relatively faster than other generations but I wonder if that necessarily implies that they can master any type of content faster as well.

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